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GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar)

Used for finding Rebar, Post-Tension Cable and Live Electrical in Concrete slabs and walls. 


GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar)

GPR Scanning can find rebar, Post-Tension Cables, conduits and other materials in concrete walls, slabs and below slabs. Also finds thickness of slabs and walls.

Our GPR undergrounding scanning services utilize the newest technology for surveying the property and locating hard to detect utilities such as plastic pipes used for water pipelines and gas lines. GPR is also the most effective way of detecting voids and underground storage tanks (USTs).

GPR works by sending a radio signal or series of signals into the ground. The returning signals provide information about changing ground characteristics with depth. GPR undergrounding scanning services we offer help us determine the dimensions of electric, gas, and sewer lines, as well as function as a cable line locator and phone line finder.

GPR is not without its limitations. Soils absorb GPR radio wave signals with high clay, moisture, or saline content, significantly limiting exploration depth. Ground-penetrating radar systems’ effectiveness in subsurface utility engineering and locating is thus site-specific and varies considerably from place to place.

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